Meditation and Prayer

Attuning to your ideal (your concept of the Ultimate), like a radio picking up a radio station, is a great aid to prayer. Prayer and meditation go hand in hand, as one seeks to be a channel of God's blessings through meditation for those in need through prayer. It is a beautiful combination. Using meditation to enhance prayers is both helpful for meditation and prayer. Having the intention in meditation to be an aid for someone in need stimulates the meditation; it gives a higher cause as you focus on giving rather than receiving. Prayer also allows you to have a release of the raised energy and a focused direction. For more information on meditation techniques, visit our Guide to Meditation.

Prayer can be whatever we make of it. It can be a way of life as we can live prayerfully at all times-our thoughts can be prayers, our actions, our intentions can all be prayers. If prayer is talking with God and meditation is listening to God, then the relationship is complete. In all relationships, we learn when to speak and when to listen. Using both of these tools, we can create a very rewarding and intimate relationship with our Creator.

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